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Painless High Quality Epilator Home Beauty Care IPL Laser Hair Removal Device BELLE

Painless High Quality Epilator Home Beauty Care IPL Laser Hair Removal Device BELLE

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(IPL) INTENSE PULSED LIGHT uses light to heat hair follicles and prevent regrowth. Essentially, the energy heats the hair – right down to the bottom of the root – safely destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue or skin. “This process is also called photo thermal destruction

IPL works in a similar way to laser therapy. The difference is that where laser therapy delivers a single wavelength of light energy, IPL delivers multiple wavelengths. This means that IPL can treat a larger area of skin in a shorter time than laser therapy.

When used for hair removal specifically, IPL usually requires six to eight treatments to see a complete removal of hair in an area.

"This is dependent, however, on the person's skin color, hair color and also the thickness of the hair,"

Unlike laser treatments which emit a specific wavelength, IPL works by emitting scattered wavelengths of light. “Various cut-off filters are commonly used to selectively filter out unnecessary wavelengths in order to target specific structures and chromophores. This can be melanin in hair or on the skin in the form of pigmented lesions, or oxyhaemoglobin in blood vessels which appear as broken capillaries. In more severe cases, this can be rosacea,” she explains. This makes IPL a gentle and effective treatment for those suffering from rosacea and facial flushing, as well as for hair removal.

Safety, risks, and side effects

IPL is safe for most people but is not suitable for everyone. Pregnant women and people who are on blood thinners, for example, should avoid IPL.

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